Social Musings 101: Social Media and Content Manipulation

So recently I’ve done some digging and looking and digging. Then I found a lot of people on social media with massive followings aren’t even real.  You can automate a bot to tweet and interact as if it’s real. People don’t even realize this. A lot of the content that’s pushed in a organic way isn’t even that. One day this fake house of cards has to fall. Maybe some day all the fake sites and fake profiles will be exposed for who they  re and who’s operating them until then…be careful who you share with on the net.  They aren’t who they say they are even if they seem to share your beliefs. Not really.

So you make fake content and have bots fake bots that you programmed to interact with your content and having no followers or low followers means you have no value? Really says who? The person and people paying the underground teams to make your content hot? ! I’ll stay cold. At least I know what it really is.

#Creative director Jamaal R. James