Barber School Day Electramorhipism goes to school at San Bernadino Beauty College

San Bernadino Beauty College
San Bernadino Beauty College

So attend the first day of Barber School. Of course your asking what in the HELL does DJing or Creative Arts have to do with Barber School? Well, Well, let me tell you. SO if you don’t already now I’m sure some of you do or will visit a barber or stylist. Some have done a good job and others have done a not so good job. But a job was done. So being a barber will allow me to express my creative side more as well as give more joy and happiness into the world because there’s nothing more sexy then seeing a hot man or woman well groomed and freshly dressed. Even if your a hater secretly you say to yourself damn that person looks good. Ok, back to the haircut, as I was saying all barbers and nail dressers, and stylists, and make up artists(the grammar folks hate this comma and, comma, and ness, LOL) are artists. Some realize this and take there craft seriously and others not so seriously. I happen to find a fellow tradesman that takes his craft seriously. Hence the before and after cut.

James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company
James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

My artist’s name is Joey Blackwood. He did an awesome job on my cut and inspired me to step up my game as I learn this craft and not be run of the mill. If someone wants a run of the mill haircut then fine. But if your capable of more its a shame if you don’t. The time and attention to detail that Joey took to get the cut just right was exceptional. If your ever in the Riverside, San Bernadino, Fontana, or Moreno Valley Area, get a cut from Joey Blackwood. You can find him on instagram at @joeybwood or his instagram hashtags are #Joeybwood to check out the cuts that he’s done. Looking forward to adding this skill set to my list of crafts and having fun on this journey that we call Life. Electramorhipism Out. One more thing I kind of compared cutting or styling hair to SEX, some are good at it, others, so, so. This is not a pun on anyone but you get better on whatever it is directly into portion of what you put into it. If you don’t train your dog then you feed him doritos chips and soda, then take him to a dog show and wonder why he’s running around eating people’s food and fighting other dogs. LOL. Because you didn’t take the time to train the dog. You put in what you get out.

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