People Who Have Contributed to Society……

Emperor Showa of Japan. So I am covering Emperor Showa who is better or more commonly known as Hirohito because he took a stand when he needed too. During Hirohito’s reign not only did he have to stop coup, after coup, after coup, and assignation attempts he had to keep his country together. Were all of his decisions great decisions, well that’s up to debate(Depending on whether you benefited or not). Hirohito was widely followed and looked up to by the Japanese people…as one point he told his people to accept suicide rather than surrender and over 1,000 people just did as he said. Now if someone a preacher, or even the head of your state said kill yourself over surrender you might look at him  or her sideways a few times before finding the nearest exit. In my opinion Hirohito made a major contribution to society in the fact that he said enough is enough……..after both atomic bombs were dropped and Russia had declared war on him…he said….okay, okay,…I Get it….we surrender…..but what if he fought to the last men…over, and over, and over, death, after death, after death, (on both sides). After the surrender Hirohito was able to rebuild the country and turn the Japanese empire into the second most powerful financial empire in the world. He made this decision all while people accused him of being wishy-washy and not dedicated to the cause. So Mr. Hirohito thanks for your contribution to society…Read more about the history of Hirohito…Click the link.

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