People Who Have Contributed to Society…….

In this posting we bring up the rapper and entrepreneur, Andre Romelle Young…..better known as…Dr. Dre……now in regards to contribution…in my opinion Dr. Dre has done a lot…..not only for music but for the careers of other artists as well. Dr. Dre has made a lot of music that people have danced to and created children from…and just in general had a good time too….the lyrics might say this or that…..but the beat and rhythm many times is uplifting and refreshing……Dr. Dre also helped pioneer the west coast sound of hip-hop. Dr. Dre has one 6 grammy awards as well as producer of the year…….when he had to leave death row records and start all over he didn’t complain..he just did..what he had to do…..and created a new company from scratch that was more successful than his previous company….Dr. dre has done a lot in regards to creating jobs for the people that marketed his albums, created posters and art work for this albums, and the  ten’s and 1,000’s of people that worked at concerts providing security and concessions to the eager concert goers…….that’s more about the history of Dr. Dre…click the link.

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