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Social Musings 101: The Symbolism of Wind

If you live in Southern California you”l notice the wind has been blowing incessantly. If you don’t live in California, you’ve had to deal with the same issue. As a result of the blowing, I figured there has to be something positive about all this wind blowing. Maybe it means something. I started reading and searching online and came across several different articles about wind symbolism. In addition to the metaphysical or spiritual inclinations that wind has or brings there are many physical pluses to the wind. For one it clears alot of smog out of the air. Two it cleans up sideways and trash. Three it cleans abandoned fields of debris and trash. Finally it keeps more people inside so that the roads are open and less congested. Well enough ranting, just google, yahoo, or bing search wind symbolism, see what you learn. By the way, Happy New Year’s Eve.

Social Musings 101: Johan Vaaler

Today we discuss none other than Johan Vaaler. Mr. Vaaler came up with the idea for the paperclip. Well, (according to Wikipedia) another form of paperclip existed before his paperclip did but he  didn’t know it at the time and patented his paper clip idea. Either way at the time of occupation by Germany the Norweigan people wore paperclips in solidarity. So maybe he created the paperclip so that unknowningly the people of Norway could have a symbol of unity. Maybe this was the real reason for the invention instead of just the paperclip. I guess one will never know because we can’t ask the inventor. But next time you have that bundle of papers crammed together give a quick thanks to Mr. Vaaler and other who kept playing around with small shiny thin pieces of metal until they turned into usable paper storage clips. Until next time folks have a wonderful day, night, or evening as you read this. JJ.

Social Musings 101: The Power Of Concentrated Effort

Have you ever sat down to accomplish a task or goal and started and stopped and then started and stopped again. Or you are writing a project or figuring out a solution to a problem and then your concentration gets interrupted? I think one skill set that we are losing (well some of us) in our society is the ability to focus on one thing or a particular object and complete that and then go on the next goal. Now I’m not talking about multi-tasking because yes we all need to have the ability to multi-task, but I’m talking about actually taking the time to sit down and complete a project or write a letter without checking your e-mail or updating a social media status. Try it for an hour, for some of you try it for a minute. You’d be amazed at the results and power of a focused mind.

Social Musings 101: World Earthquakes

According to there were several extremely large earthquakes that occurred around the world. Today I would like to be thankful for the earthquakes that have occurred and a result of those earthquakes occurring the structures that were built after the earthquakes were made even stronger. So since the earlier humans paid the price for us through death or sever injury we now enjoy a some what stable system of a life style especially in earthquake prone regions like the ring of fire and else where. But have you ever thought to realize the many lives that were lost to earthquakes so that better buildings could be built and coastal tsunami detection systems that were built as well? Even countries not as well equipped as wealthier countries are allowed to enjoy the benefits of the early detection tsunami systems. All in all we should be thankful for the people who passed away as a result of earthquakes and thankful for the new technology that we have now.

Social Musings 101: Fear

Temporarily decided to take a break but not really from the usual and decided to discuss another issue that I see happening in our country but the world right now, and that is FEAR. In regards to fear many of us let it stop us from trying new things. A lot of time we think about how dumb we will look or other people’s perception of us. STOP

That’s fear again. Remember when you were a kid and made decisions based upon gut feeling, that person still exists inside of you, go back and find that person and listen to what they have to say because they have more answers than you know what to do with. Well enjoy this Happy Saturday. Wait, I didn’t tell you exactly anything or come up with a solution. Oh yes I did. Start making decisions at your gut level in spite of the circumstances, even if at the moment it looks crazy, to see what happens. Later everyone, Electramorhipism.

Social Musings 101: How long has man been on Earth?

Well after the gifts were unwrapped and all the food had been eaten and time spent together, I was browsing the television and came across a show that was talking about the Egyptian Mummy Tombs and the Tomb Raiders and what not, I thought to myself wow, I wonder how long man has really been on earth? So of course I started searching and came across some interesting facts. So according to humans have been here for over 200,000 years. The oldest site (so far) with human artifacts is located in Ethopia and it’s called the Middle Awash settlement. At this site they have built tools and things of this sort. So I was thinking to myself we have only been here for 200,000 years then what was before us as the earth has been around for millions of years. So today I wanted to be thankful for all our early ancestors for making the right decisions that kept them alive that allowed me and all of us now to be here. Enough ranting, I’m sure many of you are going to get those after Christmas Specials, so do what you must and try to focus on spring clothes as those are the clothes that will be the cheapest. Enjoy.

Social Musings 101: Richard Pryor

So today on this wonderful day we discuss none other than Mr. Richard Pryor himself. Yes, he did alot for people and the comedy genre as we know it. He was vulgar at times, but never in a nonsensical way, as life sometimes is vulgar. His drug addiction was another issue that he was able to eventually kick, but other than that just watch some of his insights. He knew things before others did and his sense of comedic timing and delivery is high as hell.

Richard Pryor Comedian
Richard Pryor Comedian

So today as you unwrap your presents and laugh and joke with family, take the time to thank all the people in your life who made you laugh when you were sad or put a comedic spin on a situation that wasn’t funny or some how they made it funny. If that person was yourself then Whipdeedo, congrats to you for making the choice is see the humor in tragedy. Until the next post folks, enjoy this interview with Richard on the tonight Show. Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Social Musings 101: Christmas Eve

So yes, Hooray you made it. It’s Christmas Eve, Pretty Cool Huh. So it looks like we have a season coming up upon us. Lol. What. Well if you were a child this is the night where you get the most nervous as you look at the presents and wonder what’s inside. Some kids who were naughty wonder if Santa will come visit them. But it’s amazing he even visits the bad kids. Lol. Many people have family gatherings as well on Christmas Eve, either way try your best to stay cheerful and happy as the holidays can be tough and unforgiving on all of us. As we eat the meals or breakfasts on this Eve of Christmas just take time to thank those around you for joining in the celebration that you’re partaking in. Try to remind the big and adult kids that being able to unwrap their present or gift is right around the corner. Until the big day, Electramorhipism out.

Social Musings 101: The Power of Play

Sometimes on our different and varied journeys to success we forget to stop and play. Many time we get achieve and do do do. But never take the time to stop and play. So while crossing tings off of your to do list this season, don’t forget to play. You say well how do I play as a ground man or woman. Easy you do something that you like to do just because you like to do it. So if you like painting then go paint. If you like photography, go take photos, if you like running go run. If you like people watching go people watching. There are so many myriads of things that people can do that they regard as play. So if your working on that novel that isn’t due till spring of 2015. But the computer or notepad down and go for a walk. Do something new, and then come back to your task. See the renewed focus and mindset that comes with playing for a while. On that note have a wonderful day, night, evening, or year wherever you are.

Jamaal R. James, out.