Social Musings 101

Who invented toilet paper?  

The next person we discuss in regards to people who have contributed to society is Joseph Gayetty. Joseph is credited with inventing the first major commercial use of toilet paper. So he mass produced it and sold it. But before Mr. Gayetty commercially produced toilet paper in the States, it has been documented as early as the 2nd Century BC, that China was using paper to pad things(according to Wikipedia).  Yan Zhitui documented during the 6th that the Chinese were using paper to wipe themselves after they were finished using the restroom. It was also known that only the wealthy used toilet paper and the rest of the people used their hands, leaves, sawdust, snow, and whatever they could get their hands on. So today we thank not only Mr. Gayetty, but everyone before and after him who contributed to our society in regards to toilet paper. Can you imagine a world where we used sticks to clean our behind, or our hands? Talk about thinking twice before shaking someone’s hand that you just met. So to read more about the history of toilet paper click this link. The invention of toilet paper.

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