Social Musings 101: The Parachute

So today we will discuss the parachute. Yes, many people had ther hands involved in the invention or crafting of the parachute, although Leonardo Da Vinci was known as one of the first inventors to design the parachute on paper. There were others before him with the idea, they just didn’t get the credit and didn’t put their names on the drawings of the ideas. But basically anyone who has jumped out a plane for sport, or for work, or to serve one’s country can think the men who came before them in regards to their safety. If you have ever been to an entertainment event and had redbull jumpers come in to your event, you can think the parachute jumpers. If you have ever given money for food donations to a war torn part of the world many times the load is dropped off with a parachute. Whenever a spaceship comes back from outer space the module lands with a large parachute. There are many other instances of parachutes been used to make society a better place in various forms. So today we say Thank You to all of the men and women involved in the creation, production, manufacturing, and selling of the parachute idea. Have a wonderful weekend.   You can read more about the parachute by clicking the link.

The parachute

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