Social Musings 101: Christmas Eve

So yes, Hooray you made it. It’s Christmas Eve, Pretty Cool Huh. So it looks like we have a season coming up upon us. Lol. What. Well if you were a child this is the night where you get the most nervous as you look at the presents and wonder what’s inside. Some kids who were naughty wonder if Santa will come visit them. But it’s amazing he even visits the bad kids. Lol. Many people have family gatherings as well on Christmas Eve, either way try your best to stay cheerful and happy as the holidays can be tough and unforgiving on all of us. As we eat the meals or breakfasts on this Eve of Christmas just take time to thank those around you for joining in the celebration that you’re partaking in. Try to remind the big and adult kids that being able to unwrap their present or gift is right around the corner. Until the big day, Electramorhipism out.

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