Social Musings 101: Richard Pryor

So today on this wonderful day we discuss none other than Mr. Richard Pryor himself. Yes, he did alot for people and the comedy genre as we know it. He was vulgar at times, but never in a nonsensical way, as life sometimes is vulgar. His drug addiction was another issue that he was able to eventually kick, but other than that just watch some of his insights. He knew things before others did and his sense of comedic timing and delivery is high as hell.

Richard Pryor Comedian
Richard Pryor Comedian

So today as you unwrap your presents and laugh and joke with family, take the time to thank all the people in your life who made you laugh when you were sad or put a comedic spin on a situation that wasn’t funny or some how they made it funny. If that person was yourself then Whipdeedo, congrats to you for making the choice is see the humor in tragedy. Until the next post folks, enjoy this interview with Richard on the tonight Show. Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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