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Social Musings 101:The Symphony

So according to Wikipedia, the term symphony means a harmony or harmony of voice or sounds. So why do I mention the symphony? Well last night the wife and I were treated to tickets to a symphony by my parents. The symphony was fun. I have always been told that there is major difference in music that is played on a cd or headphone and then hearing instruments, real instruments played live. But it’s so true. There is such a big difference. The sounds were amazing. You felt the highs and the lows and everything in between. They even gave some history lessons on music and Beethoven and John Williams and other great artists. I made a vow to myself that I have to go again. So I bring up the Symphony because the experience we were able to enjoy was because someone got the idea that a Symphony would work. Since it worked for hundreds of years people have been able to enjoy the sounds of harmonious music. That’s all folks. Until next time.

Social Musings 101: The Parachute

So today we will discuss the parachute. Yes, many people had ther hands involved in the invention or crafting of the parachute, although Leonardo Da Vinci was known as one of the first inventors to design the parachute on paper. There were others before him with the idea, they just didn’t get the credit and didn’t put their names on the drawings of the ideas. But basically anyone who has jumped out a plane for sport, or for work, or to serve one’s country can think the men who came before them in regards to their safety. If you have ever been to an entertainment event and had redbull jumpers come in to your event, you can think the parachute jumpers. If you have ever given money for food donations to a war torn part of the world many times the load is dropped off with a parachute. Whenever a spaceship comes back from outer space the module lands with a large parachute. There are many other instances of parachutes been used to make society a better place in various forms. So today we say Thank You to all of the men and women involved in the creation, production, manufacturing, and selling of the parachute idea. Have a wonderful weekend.   You can read more about the parachute by clicking the link.

The parachute

Social Musings 101: Deordorant

In today’s topic I decided to discuss the inventor of Deodorant. The first person who created deodorant and got a patent for commercialized use of the product name has been forgotten. So to this unsung hero I say thank you sir. As in American culture it’s better when one’s sweat and must don’t over take the senses of another in one’s company. Lol. So basically we would all be going around stinking if not for someone coming up with this idea. How many times have you been on the elevator and sniffed around as something from someone’s body is smelling of body odor. Sometimes many intimate moments have been improved and more special because of the scent of one’s loved one while having happy positive thoughts about the other. So that’s all people. Have a wonderful Friday and you can read more about the history of deodorant by clicking on the link.

The history of Deodorant

Social Musings 101: Patience

We live in a very paced society. If we want soething we don’t have to wait we can have it now. If you want a bbq rib plate with pecan pie there’s a restaurant that will make it for you. If you want some macaroni taco salad, there’s someone or some where you can find or get access to that. So if we can have anything we want instantly then why am I talking about patience. I am talking about patience because some things take time. Take for granted the redwoods or Sequoias in Northern California. Those trees take years and years and years to rise to those heights. So while I’m not saying don’t go hard at what you do. No do that actually and more. But on some of the bigger things we want in life take your time and enjoy the process. So if you want be build a 20,000 square foot house with detailed design I’m sure this will take much longer than a copy and paste regular house. So all I’m saying is when you’re rushing something step back and ask yourself why am I rushing this, what do I fear? Let me slow down and see what happens. Enjoy your day and life. ~Electramorhipism

Social Musings 101: The Dopplar Radar

In this online posting of people who have contributed to society, I discuss none other than, Christian Doppler. So what Mr. Doppler contributed to society is the principle of the doppler radar effect. The principle basically says that a waves movement and  is based on where your at where your observing the object. But what did this principle give birth to? Well for one this weather radar that showed all these metorlogists that these clouds coming were packing alot of rain. Can you imagine a world or society and not knowing when rain or thunderstorms were coming. Wow. We would really be in trouble. Plus if you have ever worked in the military or flown jets you are thankful for this principle of doppler radar. As a result less people died or were blown away from being warned about an advanced attack for it happened. The doppler radar has given birth to the medical sciences using the effect to detect sickness in the body as well. The police use the doppler radar effect to detect how fast we’re going and to issue citations if need be. So thanks to Mr. Doppler, countless spin offs of his priniciple have been built and put into use. Doppler’s idea has created hundreds of jobs from the installers and repairers of radar to the techs that monitor and scale the equipment to use and I almost forgot the manufacturers of the equipment, plus the drivers, and trains, airplanes, that move the equipment as well. You can read more about Christian Doppler by clicking the link.

Christian Doppler Effect

Social Musings 101: The Mascot

So today we run across and discuss the Mascot. I see Mascots as like the public cheerleader for schools, companies, and establishments. If you have ever watched College Game Day On ESPN you know what I’m talking about. The Mascots will go head to  head in different battles and types of games and adventures. It is really fun to watch. If you have ever been to a USC game and seen the trojan trounce down the field with a trojan on board you know what I mean. But when you see that (we’ll at least me) I think back to the old days of roman glory, and the game is played at the coliseum. Which is an epic ancient arena where death matches and all types of entertainment was held. You ever wonder why there isn’t a team mascot called the carpet? Yay, go carpet, carpet. Probably because it doesn’t inspire much fan fare. Or a team called the eye, ohhhhhhhh, look, here comes the eye…coming down the field… afraid be very afraid. Oh well, just some more thoughts for the day. If you are in area where its rainy try to stay out of this rain. If you live where it’s dry, enjoy the weather. If you live where it’s snowy, please stay warm and don’t forget to live a little and play with some snow during this season. Have a Wonderful Day.

~Jamaal R. James.

Social Musings 101: The Bikini

So although its the middle or beginning of winter right now the perfect subject to cover is the bikini. Some people when they think of the bikini get sad because of their self image about their body well others get excited for the chance to show off what assets they have been given. So today we thank Louis Reard and Jacques Heim, both French. The first being a engineer and the second being a fashion designer. We say thank you to them both as they helped many realize their beauty and not be afraid to show case this beauty. The design of bikini’s has given many writers and social commentators plenty of fuel to talk about religion, morals and ethics and those consequences involved with the bikini. The bikini has also given rise to many jobs to designers and manufactures as they came up with new designs and colors to attract the women who choose to wear these items. Many children owe their lives to  the bikini as the parents were attracted to one another after one saw the other in a bikini. So thank you Mr. Reard and Heim. You can read more about the history of the bikini by clicking the link.

The bikini.

Social Musings 101: The Telescope

So in this posting of people who have contributed to society we discuss none other than  Hans Lippershey. Mr. Lippershey’s contribution was the telescope. I know many of us have watched the doom and gloom end of the world movies. Yes, all those movies were made because scientists and others have the power to see extremely far distances in space. We can see further into space because of Mr. Lippershey and others who thought along the lines of Mr. Lippershey. As a result of this new invention are minds have been expanded and opened to the vast limitlessness of the universe as well. So the next time you go to an observatory give Mr. Lippershey a quiet Thank You for what he’s done and his contribution that’s made our lives easier. You can read more about Mr. Lippershey by clicking the link.

The history of the telescope.