Social Musings 101: Exercise

Today we discuss Exercise. So many of us wake up look in the mirror and are mad or dismayed at the state that our body is in. But if you want to see any change made to the persona which is you. Then you need to set up a regular exercise habit or plan. If you have a tendency to quit things that you start then I would encourage you to start small very small. so start off with one ab crunch a day. If you are into cardio then add 25 steps to your normal routine. Just start small whatever the goal and then be patient with yourself and gradually increase it once you can master the small steps. Others may come around or you may be tempted to compare yourself and your results to others. Don’t do it. Stay in your lane. I repeat, stay in your lane and keep pushing and one day you’ll make up and look in the mirror or your goal and say, “Hey”, I did it. On that note, make something good happen today for someone near and dear to you or a complete stranger. Have a great day. JJ.

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