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Social Musings 101: The Creative Process

This morning I woke up jonesing. Or in a super chipper mood. Then I thought about the creative process and how to deal with it. Many of us quit or stop while we are creating or coming up with something new. This is just a reminder when you creating to turn off or shutoff the valve of critique and criticalness. Once you’ve brought whatever idea to life then let others say what they will but remember all the creative ideas that keep coming to you were given to and gifted to you. So what are you going to do with all those many wonderous gifts that have been bestowed upon you? Make it a great day, All.


Social Musings 101: Who invented the umbrella?

Well it was raining a few days ago and I was asking myself hmmmm, I wonder who made the first umbrella or who contributed to the creation and development of the umbrella over the years. I checked on Wikipedia for the answer and apparently the umbrella is also called a parasol and has a dual purpose. The second purpose of umbrellas or parasols is to block out the sun. So enjoy the use of your umbrella next time it rains and the use of the parasol when your on vacation or at a café and the sun is being blocked out for you. At the bottom of the page is a link to more information about umbrellas and parasols over the years.

Who invented the Umbrella?

Social Musings 101: Timing

Fresh off the press the thought of timing has been popped into my head. How are you using your time? What are you doing with your time? What things can you do better with your time? Or where has all the time gone? So today think about time, and the time you have left. What are you doing with it? Have a wonderful day.

Social Musings 101: Airline Stewardess

Another unsung hero that those of us who travel should be grateful for is the airline stewardess. As she and at times he takes care of you to make sure that your stay aboard an airline is Awesome. Now different airlines have different policies but overall the stewardess is there to make your stay on the craft as pleasant as possible. But many of us take them for granted and act as if its their job there supposed to do it. But they could just do the minimum job required and then you wouldn’t enjoy the trip as much as the ones who give. Well enjoy your day and continue to be grateful for all that’s around you. Have a wonderful day.

Social Musings 101: Interstate Highway System

On this glorious occasion of getting  to wake up and enjoy another day and a busy weekend of running around and I thought of all the things that make the interstate highway system possible. We always take it for granted but I decided to be thankful for all the people who have made the highway system a better place by various means. Have you ever thought about the signs that guide you to your destination such as how far certain places are from where you currently are. If you have GPS or turn by turn navigation can you imagine all the planners and designers and programmers that went into making that happen? If you have road on smooth roads then you can think all the road pavers and people that went into planning the roads. If you have driven down a litter free highway you can think all the people that picked up trash on the sides of the road. A lot of hands go into making sure that in whatever county you live your highway experience is exceptional. So on that note be grateful for all that you have and what others have done for you. Have a Great Day!

If you want to read more about Highways here’s a link. Enjoy.

Interstate Highway System

Social Musings 101: The Paperbag

All of us at one time or another have used one whether to carry groceries or to carry other items. But it’s a little unsung hero called, “The Paperbag”. Not ony is the paperbag environmentally friendly but it also can support a lot of weight so you don’t have too keep buying them over and over again. Well that’s all for today, enjoy your weekend and make it a Great one and that’s all.

Social Musings 101: Friends

Many of us have friends. But how many of have ever taken the time to let the friends in our lives truly know what they meant to us? Not very many of us. Not the friends that are in your corner when the sun is shining and there’s no rain clouds. But the friends that are there when its soaking rain and things didn’t go as you planned. Those friends. Those friends are priceless. So if you have anyone in your life who is a friend indeed for you then take the time to let them know while they are alive and here. If you have no friends but you always come through for yourself or motivate yourself then thank yourself for being a Great friend to yourself. On that note have a wonderful day.

Social Musings 101: Camping Tents

So if you have ever been camping and had to brave the elements or the weather suddenly changed, many of you were happy that you had a tent to sleep in or your outdoor experience would be ruined. Well for some of us. The inclement weather for others would give rise to a whole new idea of fun. But that’s another topic for another time. So thank the creators and idea makers of the tent and the camping supplies that go with tents and being outdoors as you have fun with your loved ones outdoors or solo. On that note have a wonderful day.