Monthly Archives: May 2015

Creative Director Talk: The Ogg

So a friend of mine made this device and it helps make these awesome photos. So decided to share the photo with you. Maybe we can make some cool photo montages. Have a wonderful day.

Many of us have latent or hidden talents inside of ourselves. Some of have beatn this other side of ourselves into submission while others believe and don’t believe, so there successes act like a car that goes 80 milesĀ an hour then slams on the breaks and starts to believe again while holding the break and revving the engine and then screeeccchhh zooming off again. When you just let go and believe things just work out don’t ask me how. it just works. Later on.

Jamaal R. James.

Creative Director Talk: Ideas and Jobs

As an artist from time to time, we only look at ways to make money that are traditional or that other artists have already done or tried. But maybe its time we made a change and find work in areas where we normally didn’t perceive or know that work was possible. Just look around you opportunites are every where.


Social Musings 101: Be grateful and Thankful

In life we all have options in dealing with situations. But all of lives experiences have been sent to us to help us grow and mature. In life we will continue to grow and grow and grow. But sometimes we should take a break and sitdown and be grateful and thankful for the person we’ve been able to become. Have a great and thankful day. Talk to you soon. JJ.

Social Musings 101: Music

So music can be used to take you to new heights unimagined before. So be open to all kinds of music because you never know what type of music will take you to the next level of accomplishment in your life. Don’t let others pre-conceived notions of who you are and what type of music you should listen too, change the music that you enjoy or experiment with. Have a wonderful day.