Monthly Archives: June 2015

Social Musings 101: Problem Solving

Many times as you set out to solve problems remember that there are several solutions to a problem. Some that you may not have even thought of. So it’s best at times to do what must be done with the knowledge that you have at hand in order to better become the person you need to become to solve the problem. Have a great day. Enjoy this 14 hours of sunlight if you live in the western hemisphere.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Rope Invention

M=an, if you have ever traveled or hauled material or had to tie something together before, you were very grateful for a piece of rope. According to Wikipedia rope was first developed by the Egyptians. It was pretty good. Rope was used in all types of ways and fashions. To host rocks and to tie clothes and to build things as well. So today I’m grateful for the inventors of rope and the many uses that rope have given us to better our lives. See yah soon.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Hosts

Have you ever visited a restaurant and it’s been really busy and the host or hostess who greets you at the door is in such a good mood that they make you happy or change how you feel about something. Well these people have a basic level of training but some people actually like people and enjoy greeting others. Many people make or break some peoples days depending on how they greet other people. Well have a great day folks.

~Electramorhipism 2015

Creative Director Talk: Ability

As we learn or seek out to learn the new things in our lives. Please remember to be patient and patient and patient some more. As you pursue the things you want or are going after your ability will improve day after day. The ability is there and will grow and grow with all of your failures. Keep pushing people of the world. Keep birthing those creative ideas and creative children. Love yah all.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Artists

This morning, I hope you find yourself in a good position. If not, don’t fret circumstances never same the same for a prolonged period of time just be patient and wait for the change. Have a wonderful day. But before we go let’s take the time to give thanks to the artists of the world and what contributions they’ve made to society or ways in which they’ve helped us view and take on new perspectives. Okay, keep creating, living, and thinking.


Social Musings 101: Happy Father’s Day

As we start or finish or enjoy this day. Let us all be reminded and grateful and thankful for the Father’s in our lives. Whether that be your biological father, step father, or someone who was acting as a father figure in your life. Give thanks and be thankful for this purpose sticking around in your life and guiding you along the way. Many of us had fights with the main men in our lives at times and disagreed with decisions they made or didn’t make. But all in all a well done job was given by all.

~Jamaal R. James