Monthly Archives: June 2015

Social Musings 101: Caregivers

If you have children or elderly parents then you can be grateful for the use or profession of caregivers. Many of us give our most precious assets to other people who call themselves caregivers. We don’t realize how much trust we put in thema nd how well they perform their jobs. They provide the same service and care that you would provide. They treat the kids and children as if they were their own. A scene that stands out in my mind is in Happy Gilmore

On that note have fun today.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Floor Sweepers

I know its happened to many of us. You went out to eat and someone cleaned the floor after someone left a mess. I’m not talking about a restaurant. I’m talking about a fast food or local place where you can place your own trash in the trash because they give you a tray and the trash can is 2 feet away from the hard plastic dining table. So give thanks today from all the millions of people worldwide who go behind and clean up these messes. Well that’s about it all, have a wonderful day and talk to you soon.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Cellphone Glass Fixers

Today we take the time to be grateful for the people that have learned how to repair the glass on your cellphone. This is a skill that takes time and energy to learn but provides an invaluable service to others. Without this service many of us would have to pay money for a brand new phone although the only thing we needed was a clean glass screen. That’s it so next time you see a glass cellphone repair shop tell them thank you. And on a final note….Do what you can with what you have. ~Les Brown

~ Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Clowns

Today I would like to give thanks for the Clowns of the world. The good ones, the bad ones, and the so so ones. The ones that went out of their way to make things better for others. The ones that allow others to laugh at themselves so that they can derive pleasure. The ones who do it for the Love of it all. Well that’s it people of the universe. Have a wonderful day.

~Jamaal R. James.

Social Musings 101: Fun in your Life

While your building your empire or show or whatever you are doing with your freetime or regular time. Make sure you have fun in there some where. Don’t worry you still have time to do this thing or that thing. But take the time to do and have Fun. Now for some of us fun can mean different things than for others. Either way, fun is to be had by all. Fun, Fun, Fun, don’t trip. Don’t slip, let fun rip. Lol. Have a great day. Even when things get tough be sure to have fun with the tough situation. When a friend and I were kids this Coach was punishing the team and it got so bad that all we could do was laugh, and laugh, and laugh we were bearcrawling and laughing, we started laughing so hard that the pain went away, then he yelled at us more and we had to do more because we were laughing, but we didn;t care the pain was being numbed by the laughter, so even though he punished us for whatever he perceived, we won because we were laughing the whole time. Well winjoy your day.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Sex and Pleasure

So today go in your mind and give thanks to all the people in your life who at one time or another provided you with pleasure. Some of you may no longer speak to one another or maybe you do. But either way be gratefula nd thankful for the people in your life who now, or who in the past, or later on will provide you with pleasure. Pleasure is a good thing, when used in the right context. Have a wonderful day.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Neon Sign Inventor

So today, we thank none other than Georges Claude for his contribution to Neon Signs. Many business owners were able to attract a great deal of business because the business was now visible. George’s contribution also made many jobs for the people who would install them and repair the signs and tubes. All inventions destroy but they also create new industries. So thanks George for your contribution to the World and everyone have a wonderful day.