Monthly Archives: August 2015

Social Musings 101: Giving to a local charity

I’m sure there is a local charity or cause that you feel strongly about near you.¬† If you already have a full plate then donate some money. If you say you don’t have money than collect some aluminum cans and take that money and give it to your cause. If you don’t want to do that then donate some of the items that you own and no longer want. If that doesn’t work then ask friends or family for old items they no longer want and donate it to your cause or charity. If all that doesn’t work go on craigslist and find the people giving away free stuff and go get it or have it delivered to you or the charity you would like to give too. Well have a wonderful day folks.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Success and Haters

Just a reminder on your way to achieving success you will have to prune and shear your path and the people in your life on that path to achieve your dreams. Distractions will pop up from time to time but remember why you started and the goal that you set out to achieve. You can make it happen. Don’t ever forget that. Another reminder. don’t hate on another’s success. Just because you didn’t come up with the idea or don’t agree with the success of another remember that same energy that you put towards the successful person you hated on. When that hate comes back your way don’t cry or get sad or mad, know that it’s just life balancing itself.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Art Supplies

Today I am grateful for all the people that created or contributed to providing art supplies for the world and other artists of the world. That’s about it. Life is good. And if your an artist or aspiring artist keep going and keep seeing things that do not currently exist. Have a great life and stay positive in spite of all that may be going on around you.


Social Musings 101: Art

In this world some consider art to be one thing while others consider art to be another. Whatever art may be our best bet is to continue to create and enjoy the things we Love. Whether its art or not is up to the artist in regards to what is and isn’t art not the critic. Many artists make great¬†strides to contribute to the social narrative. Other artists aren’t fully expressing themselves because others have convinced them that what they do isn’t art. Don’t ever let that stop you.

~Jamaal R. James