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Social Musings 101: Success disguised as failure

On this journey that we call life and in our attempt to disarm or lesson the below of failure many and often times we call what is failure success. Say for instance a person has a goal to run one mile everyday…but everyday when the time comes around to run or every other day the person says my feet hurt or its too cold outside, or I need to rest just a little more than this person has just failed themselves. Then when you go to do the next goal say to not say the word french fries for the next 2 days even though you love french fries….well you already started a pattern of failure so your brain and sub-conscious are like okay this person isnt even serious let’s say french fry right now and then bamm..they say it….so basically make sure your successes in your life or exactly that and call them what they are and vice versa for failures. That’s all folks have a wonderful and outstanding day and Happy new year’s eve to those of you who celebrate it.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: End of the year thoughts

As the end of the year comes to an end we often think about and take the time to contemplate our life and the decisions we’ve made and didn’t make…and what do you know….some of us our elated at the good we’ve done. Some of us our angry at the bad we’ve done. Some of us are depressed about none of the good we’ve done and some of us are just looking forward to another year to enjoy. So no matter where you stand in this spectrum just be grateful and thankful that you lived to see another glorious day. Make the most of it.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

People who have contributed to society

As we approach the new years celebration we are grateful and thankful for the people that stay afterwards and clean up the dirt, condoms, beers, party poppers, candy wrappers, and all the other trash that they take away. Thank You all. I’m sure you probably don’t get told thank you enough but the work that you do matters and matters greatly. Thank You. Thank You all. Maybe as you celebrate on the eve of the new year or leading up to the new year or on the new year, maybe try and make it to that trash can. On that note have an outstanding day.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Social Media has increased the number of Gatekeepers

Today or rather last night before falling to sleep I thought to myself since the flood gates of social media have been opened…maybe at first it decreased the number of gate keepers as most people turned to cable or television for their entertainment. But if you really think about it only selective few people select the media that they want to be influenced by….if it’s presented to them most people run with it..especially if it’s popular or a great deal of their friends or family are onboard with the idea. Just saying……so even though everyone has a voice people are still mostly tuned into the majority voice whether it be through social media or cable or television….food for thought…have a great day.


~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

People Who have contributed to society

The next group of people I want to take the time t be grateful is the mail carriers of ┬áthe world. The people who have rushed to get you your package so that your loved ones could live and relive the temporary joy of getting something new. Plus the weather conditions that many of the carriers have had to endure from freezing rain to snow, or hail. These people some of them risk life and limb in rural areas so that you can enjoy your gifts and packages that will sit on the counter or shelf or end up in a garage sale. but some gifts you need and will use everyday or upgrade some equipment that you already have….well on that note and early Christmas to all. Have a wonderful day.

People who have contributed to society

Today I would like to take the time to thank and be grateful for the encouraging people of the world. Friends, Family, or even strangers that make a living encouraging people who have been defeated. In life many times we over we all fall down get beat out or left behind. But those wonderful encouraging people of the world or how they help remind us who we are underneath it all. Not only myself has been assisted in trying times of life but countless others as well. Many of these people do these things for free because they just want to see people be as successful or if not more successful than they themselves are. This is a really humbling experience and a great gift given to mankind. Many people say that motivators and encouraging people of the world are pipe dream sellers…but who that built something great wasn’t called a pipe dreamer….most of this negative types have failed to achieve anything of significance in their own life…but have the time and attention to stop another from encouraging others to go after what they desire. But I guess the naysayers and negative people help keep the motivators needed since a lot of humanity has a negative mindset…but maybe that can change as more optimists become more vocal about goals and plans for the future..just saying..have a great day. Stay motivated.


P.S. I forgot to mention some notable motivators that have assisted me in life, in no particular order, E.T. the hip-hop preacher, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Jared Grossman, and countless others. Go check out some of their material.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

People Who Have Contributed to Society:

Today we look at none other than your friendly neighborhood carpet cleaner. If you have ever moved or just decided to clean up a place where you stay and use a carpet cleaning service you know what I mean. the ability to clean and clean well is important. If you have carpeted floors and you clean them you will notices a big difference in your ability to breath and in the general cleanliness of the air around you. I know it seems silly but it works. Clean air is good for you. You cant see all the micro dirt particles that are in and on the floor or sitting on objects. So thank you to the man and woman involved in this profession who take the time to study the profession and take the time to know what will and will not work in regards to cleaning carpets. Have a great day and the next time you have your carpet cleaned give the cleaner a genuine thank you.

~Jamaal R. James

Monday Motivation: Truth About Laziness Motivational Video

This was a great video about laziness. Most people don’t want to workout or put in the work but want to get more out of life without putting in the work. So this video reminds you to get off your ass and go get way or the other…..Thanks to RSD Motivation for making this video.

Social Musings 101: Holiday Cheer

As we get closer and closer to the magicial day for those of us who live in States…we are bound to see people who are down or feeling sad….if this happens to be a co-worker please don’t let them effect you with their negativity…make sure to stay up and positive as you possibly can…have a wonderful day….and make someon’es day bright today…