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The History of Nissan

Kwaishinsha Motor Car Works (which would later become Nissan) was started in 1911. Masujiro Hashimoto was the person who started the company. Three years later in 1914 the company produced its first car called the DAT. The name DAT was derived from the three original investors in the companies first initial of the last name. The company has gone thru a lot of change which I’ll let you read about. But one key fact that stood out is in China, Russia, and Mexico Nissan is the number one Japanese imported vehicle. Just so you know. Go Joe. G.I. Joeeeeeeeeee. Lol. Enjoy reading the history of Nissan. Click the link.

The History of Ford Motor Company

Everyone especially knows Ford Motor Company as a household name. But even he failed before succeeding. His first automobile company failed. Then his second company he had a falling out with his investors and had to leave with his name and only $900 dollars. But that didn’t stop Ford. He just kept going. And things started to turn around for him…..Read the History of Ford Motor Company…Click the link. Ford has been Family run for over 110 years.