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People Who Have Contributed to Society……

So our next unsung hero….who contributed greatly to society is non other than……William Potts……he created the first electric three lens traffic light in Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Potts was a polic e officer and within a year of his creation he created an automatic traffic signal……Mr. Potts…never received very much credit for his invention but he didn’t care…he contributed much to our society…….can you imagine what life would have been like if there were no traffic signals….its already bad as it is when you drive with controlled intersections….it would be absolutely hell..with no traffic signals…..people wouldn’t even risk it…or the cars would be all made to look like battering rams to prevent horrendous accidents from occurring…….well read more about Mr. Potts…..Click the link…Thank you and have a wonderful day…own the moment…as Eric Thomas would say……….

People Who Have Contributed to Society…….

In this posting we bring up the rapper and entrepreneur, Andre Romelle Young…..better known as…Dr. Dre……now in regards to contribution…in my opinion Dr. Dre has done a lot…..not only for music but for the careers of other artists as well. Dr. Dre has made a lot of music that people have danced to and created children from…and just in general had a good time too….the lyrics might say this or that…..but the beat and rhythm many times is uplifting and refreshing……Dr. Dre also helped pioneer the west coast sound of hip-hop. Dr. Dre has one 6 grammy awards as well as producer of the year…….when he had to leave death row records and start all over he didn’t complain..he just did..what he had to do…..and created a new company from scratch that was more successful than his previous company….Dr. dre has done a lot in regards to creating jobs for the people that marketed his albums, created posters and art work for this albums, and the  ten’s and 1,000’s of people that worked at concerts providing security and concessions to the eager concert goers…….that’s more about the history of Dr. Dre…click the link.

The history of Credit-Suisse

Credit Suisse was started in 1856 by Alfred Escher. He created the company to create and fund a private railroad system for Switzerland. He only wanted to sell 3 million shares to get the company started…but he received 218 million shares in 3 days. The company focused mostly on mid-term and short-term loans when it began. Credit-Suisse also helped with the financing and development of other railroad systems, electrical-grids, currency, and helped fund entrepreneurs. During the financial crisis of the housing subprime market Credit Suisse was the least affected bank. Read more about the history of Credit-Suisse…..Click the link.

The history of Subway

Subway was started by Fred DeLuca in 1965……with a $1,000 loan. (That $1,000.00 would currently be $7,425.90 dollars…according to this calculator….(

Fred came up with a holding name for the company called Doctor’s Associates as he wanted the company to make enough money so that he could pay for his medical school tuition…. On a side note Eric Thomas(motivational speaker)  always says what’s your why? I think his why was strong enough…..paying for medical school so he wasn’t perpetually in debt? I think so……Read more about the history of Subway… the link.

The History of FedEx

So legend has it although some debate it that while in college Fred Smith came up with the idea to streamline the transportation of parcels in the U.S. Smith came up with a plan that made the movement quicker and more efficient………he started the company in Little Rock, Arkansas…but the airport there didn’t help him out…so he moved the company to Memphis, Tennessee….airport…and the company was off….he started off with 14 small jets that he used to transport the packages…the company had financial problems as well but kept on going…and finally with the help of some bigger banks re-capitalized the company and made it into what it is today…even when the company made mistakes…at the helm he would re-correct the course of the company..and now 1000’s of people are gainfully this great man and his idea……enjoying reading about the history of fedex…click the link.

The history of Ericsson

Ericsson was started by Lars Magnus Ericsson. He worked for a company that made telegraph equipment for the Swedish government. Lars got the idea to start a telegraph repair company (probably after seeing how long it took his company to repair things). Lars moved from telegraph repair into repair foreign made telephones and then finally making his own telephones. Lars had a major market share of his phones in Sweden. But Bell Telephone  company brought the biggest telephone network in Sweden and only allowed their equipment and phones to be used with the network…effectively squeezing any competition out of the pipeline…but do not dismay…as that didn’t deter Lars. Lars kept pushing and found niche markets in Russia, Britain, Mexico, and South America. Another telephone network in Sweden opened up and made Lars one of his main providers of telephone equipment since he couldn’t contract with Bell or use  Bell’s systems per their company policy…….So right place at the right time?…..Lucky….who knows…..I think it was a combination of mindset and determination that no matter what happens…..I’m going to make this company succeed. Heck, most would have given up as soon as Bell came to town and said..well how can I compete with Bell? They are a powerhouse…and now what do you know? Ericsson is in the U.S. now…..Click the link…..Read about the history of Ericsson.

The history of Ralph Lauren Corporation

Ralph Lauren started Polo Ralph Lauren in 1967 with a $50,000 dollar loan. He had a vision of making exceptional men’s ties. Ralph made women’s suits that had a men’s style to them..which was innovative……..After successfully opening a boutique store in Manhattan..he then opened a store in Beverly Hills……Ralph kept trucking..and turned this company into the multi-billion dollar company that it now is…… the link. The History of Ralph Lauren Corporation.

The History of Wells Fargo Bank

Henry Wells and William G. Fargo started Wells Fargo during the same time as the gold rush in California. They faced a lot of competition but pushed on and preserved in spite of the circumstances. They also helped get other companies off the ground. when Fargo and Wells told the company that they worked for that they should expand into California they laughed at them and told them it was too competitive. So they started their own company. One reason they were success in the early years of the company was because they were well capitalized and kept lots of cash on hand. At one time they lost 33 percent of all the money they had due to losses, others banks crashed and burned and Wells and Fargo kept going. Well enjoy reading about the History of Wells & Fargo Bank. Click the link.