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Creative Director Talk: Digital Magazine Publsihing

So I finally found a website that allows you to upload a magazine and then place it on newsstand, well 2 and for now well talk about them. The first website is called the process is simple and very easy. The second site is called,, both site make the magazine or pdf into an app for you and place them online. So fellow digital publishers or new digital publishers that’s it. Now you have to go and market the products and ideas and find your target market so happy hunting. Make it a great day. Here’s the cover to the Adult edition of The Book Of Creative Ideas. Enjoy.

Here’s a link to the the magazines as well.

Kid’s Edition:

Teen Edition:

Adult Edition:

The Book Of Creative Ideas: Adult Edition Model: Ancilla Deval.
The Book Of Creative Ideas: Adult Edition Model: Ancilla Deval.
Created by Jamaal R. james for James creative arts and entertainment publishing company.

Creative Director Talk: Belief

As venture into new areas and places where we know but don’t know we get sidetracked and forget what got us there. Well it is the belief that got you there or where you are and it’s belief that will take you where you want to go. As you create don’t destroy an idea because it doesn’t fit or seems weird just run with it. You’ll thank yourself later. Make it a great day.

~Jamaal R. James

Creative Director Talk: Importance of Finding Your Own Path

So one of the more important steps and paths to take on our journey to wherever it is we are headed it’s important to note that this life is your life. Your life that is unique to any others and all choices and decisions you make are yours. Many times we let the seeming neediness of others influence or creative decisions. But in the end you have to live with the final product, so stick to your creative vision and do you. That’s all.


Creative Director Talk: Quality

Today the one point that was on my mind was quality. Many times when getting started on projects we pay so much attention to detail that we never take action. Quality is important and will come but it is first important to do and as you make progress the quality will improve. But many times too many of us (myself included) don’t do because of the fear of the quality of work. But just remember do and the quality will come. Make it a great day.

This is the Creative Director, Jamaal R. James, signing off, until next time. Keep creating.

Creative Director Talk: Color Theory

So lately I have been reading and learning more about colors and the importance of color and color theory.

So according  to color wheel

Red is associated with passion, war, and love.

Orange is associated with happiness, and creativity.

Yellow is associated with energy, thankfulness.

Green has a healing power, and means growth and fertility.

Blue is associated with loyalty, wisdom, and intelligence.

Purple is associated with royalty, wealth, and extravagance.

White is associated with innocence.

Black is associated with power and mystery.

So enjoy this little simple version of the color wheel/theory and to read more in depth about color check out this website.

The History of Wells Fargo Bank

Henry Wells and William G. Fargo started Wells Fargo during the same time as the gold rush in California. They faced a lot of competition but pushed on and preserved in spite of the circumstances. They also helped get other companies off the ground. when Fargo and Wells told the company that they worked for that they should expand into California they laughed at them and told them it was too competitive. So they started their own company. One reason they were success in the early years of the company was because they were well capitalized and kept lots of cash on hand. At one time they lost 33 percent of all the money they had due to losses, others banks crashed and burned and Wells and Fargo kept going. Well enjoy reading about the History of Wells & Fargo Bank. Click the link.

The History of Pampers

So a researcher from Proctor & Gamble was tired of changing the cloth to his babies diaper and decided there had to be a simpler way to dispose of baby waste. He had some researchers at P&G do some research and Bammmmm. Pampers. Lol.

Enjoy reading the history of Pampers. Click the link.