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Social Musings 101

The next creative person to cover that contributed and art by means of construction or idea creation are the men and women behind the idea of the toilet. Some call it the crapper believe it or not…….and no the inventor of the toiler wasn’t Thomas Crapper. Thomas just helped make the commercialization of the product more successful. In modern times Sir John Harington is credited with the invention of the toilet or perfection of the toilet system. He made a design and had it in his house and tried to get his godmother King Elizabeth the 1st to use it but she wouldn’t because it made too much noise. The most ancient civilization with the best water sewer irrigation technology was Indus Valley Civilization. Not only were these guys creative with their ideas and design they were finishers. They started projects and finished them. Did you know that in some cultures the norm is to squat on the toilet seat to use the bathroom? Did you know

that not all households had toilets, they were only for the wealthy…the rest of the people had to use community or communal bathrooms. So thank you to Mr. Harington and those before you and after you who came with the creative ideas that you did and your social contribution to art of human excrement. Click the link to learn more about the flush toilet.