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People Who Have Contributed to Society……..

So the next person on the list of people who have contributed to society is…….Friedrich William Gustav Bruhn………Mr. Bruhn invented the modern taximeter…….By inventing the taximeter…Mr. Bruhn gave way and paved a way for many immigrants to make a living to feed their families and contribute to the societies in which they lived. Mr. Bruhn’s idea also was the leader of ideas that gave rise to services like Uber……..and other ride services…….how many times have you been out late and couldn’t see straight and took a taxi and arrived home safely…..or how many time s have you been stranded or needed to get to that important meeting after getting off the planeĀ  and the taxi driver took you right to your destination…no questions asked…..A lot….so think you Mr. Bruhn for your invention and all the millions of people worldwide that were gainfully employed and developed a sense of pride my being able to take care of their families. Read more about Mr. Bruhn by clicking the link.

The history of Santander Group

Well there wasn’t very much information listed in regards to the history of the company. But it started in 1857 and was given the approval or decree by Queen Elizabeth II. The company was primarily involved in worldwide trader. The bank was founded on the port of Santander in Northern Spain. According to Wikipedia this was the hub of trade between Spain and Latin America…so we can assume that among things traded here, where furs, jewelry, gold, various wares, and other means of economic commerce. Click the link, read about the history of the Santander Group.

The History of Lexus

In 1983 Toyota Chairman, Eiji Toyoda, decided to make and market a car that was the best in the world. Toyoda had his engineers go to work to conceptualize and create this vehicle. Eiji called this vehicle the F1 project. During the 80’s (early and mid) Honda and Nissan both introduced Luxury Vehicle lines similar to Toyoda’s idea. Eiji took the market research one step further and sent his team overseas to study the habits of the consumer as well as test the heck out of the cars that would later become apart of the Lexus brand. Eiji also realized that he would need to make Lexus as its own brand with its own stores in order to market the new vehicle…….don’t take my word for it. Read about the History of Lexus. Click the link.