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People Who Have Contributed to Society…….

So the next person on my list of people who have contributed to society is none other than…..Garrett  Augustus  Morgan Sr. This man of his many inventions came up with a safety hood/gas mask that was used by firefighters to rescue people in fires….Mr. Morgan watched firefighters struggle with the smoke and fumes of fire and came up with the idea to have a wet sponge that filtered the air and a breathing tube that was along the floor where good air was……most people were extremely spectacle about his invention..but he and his brothers and other rescuers walked into/under Lake Erie…..and saved several men that others had tried to rescue but failed in rescuing… without this man’s invention many more lives of firefighters and rescue personnel would have been lost without his contribution to mankind…..thanks again Mr. Morgan…….read more about…Mr. Morgan…Click the link.