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Social Musings 101: Who invented the garbage truck?

As trash continued it’s regularly scheduled program a week ago I said to myself hmmmm, now who thought of this invention. The trash man basically drives around and has to pick up trash from various locations and then takes the trash out at the main hub. But he just manually pushed levers that pull a mechanical dolly. When I was younger I remember seeing one drive and two guys on the back of the trash truck. The driver would drive and the one or two guys on the back of the truck would get off when he stopped and grabbed the trash cans and dump them into the rear of the garbage truck. Well that’s pretty much it, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Lol, Hey what happen to the story, oh yes, let me finish. So George Dempster created wheeled waste containers┬áthat allowed trash to be tipped into the garbage truck. He and others helped create a more efficient use of trash collection but for the most part trash collection has been the same since the 70’s. Well who knows maybe someone else undiscovered has a more efficient means of collecting trash. Make it a great day.

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