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Social Musings 101: Greatness

As you continue on your path, self doubt will pop up from time to time and ask you who do you think youa re to be Great? But this is just the tape from the people in the past who ahted on you for various reasons..the next question to ask is why…would you not fully utlize all the gifts and talents that you have been given?

Jamaal R. James

People Who Have Contributed to Society…………….

So the next person on my list in regards to people who contributed to society is none other than John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Now when JFK  was in office things were going down. I mean going down….of all the things he did or help get started or helped push for Civil Rights for African-Americans and others, accepting responsibility for the Bay of Pigs, and getting the space program on the road and going…..but I believe the major contribution he made to society was not ending it. When his staff was breathing down his throat during the Cuban Missile Crisis and telling him he better do it…..push the button don’t be a coward…he relaxed looked at the big picture and said okay, what’s really at stake here… about  a show down of show downs… decision Russia would have fired we would have fired and I wouldn’t be typing on this computer right now and you wouldn’t be reading this blog because none of the advancements..that we see now..would have existed…well don’t take my word for it go read more about what Mr. Kennedy did for society…….click the link.