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Social Musings 101: Christmas Trees

So in this posting of People who have contributed to society, I want to focus on, the Christmas Tree. So according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Hebrews used the Christmas tree to remind themselves of the importance of eternal life. The Christmas tree tradition as we currently know it came from Germany during their renaissance period. But early versions of the Christmas tree were decorated with fruit such as apples and oranges. The adding of lights to the Christmas Tree only came about after the advent of electricity. It is also believed that the garland and pine trees ward off evil spirits, so the tree is a good one to have in/around the house. So thanks to all the people involved in the tree profession that started this Christmas tree tradition. As many families have shareable memories after having gone as a family together to get trees. Many people are gainfully employed as tree picker uppers, and train and truck drivers are employed in the pickup, delivery, and processing of the trees from their original destinations. Well Happy Early Merry Holidays. You can read more about the history of Christmas Tree by clicking here. Christmas Trees. Lol