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The History of Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs was formed in 1869 by Marcus Goldman in New York. The company started out by making commercial paper available for entrepreneurs. Henry Goldman was friends with the owner of Sears and was able to handle the IPO for the company. The company came up with a fund that soon crashed and burned in the 1929 Stock Market Crash. The company has resiliently bounced back from this defeat and is now a multi-national financial services corporation. So read about the history of goldman sachs. Click the link.

The History of Starbucks

Starbucks was started by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker. The company opened its doors on March 30, 1971. The three got the idea to sell high quality roasted beans and equipment from Alfred Peet after he showed them how he roasted his beans. Starbucks would eventually buy Peet’s from Alfred. The founders ended up selling the company to a former employee Howard Schlutz, he took the company and ran with it and turned Starbucks into what it is today. When Starbucks first started the market for premium coffee was only 3% after a few years it increased to 10%. Starbucks capitalized on a premium coffee trend before other coffee houses had any clue what was happening. Read about the history of Starbucks. Click the link.