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Social Musings 101: The Mascot

So today we run across and discuss the Mascot. I see Mascots as like the public cheerleader for schools, companies, and establishments. If you have ever watched College Game Day On ESPN you know what I’m talking about. The Mascots will go head to ┬áhead in different battles and types of games and adventures. It is really fun to watch. If you have ever been to a USC game and seen the trojan trounce down the field with a trojan on board you know what I mean. But when you see that (we’ll at least me) I think back to the old days of roman glory, and the game is played at the coliseum. Which is an epic ancient arena where death matches and all types of entertainment was held. You ever wonder why there isn’t a team mascot called the carpet? Yay, go carpet, carpet. Probably because it doesn’t inspire much fan fare. Or a team called the eye, ohhhhhhhh, look, here comes the eye…coming down the field… afraid be very afraid. Oh well, just some more thoughts for the day. If you are in area where its rainy try to stay out of this rain. If you live where it’s dry, enjoy the weather. If you live where it’s snowy, please stay warm and don’t forget to live a little and play with some snow during this season. Have a Wonderful Day.

~Jamaal R. James.