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Cancel That Kungfu Flick “Short Film” directed by Jamaal R. James

Hello, and good morning world. Here yee. Here yee. Lol. Well this is a short film that was recently created and directed by Jamaal R. James of James Creative Arts And Entertainment Company. Well first let’s start out with the story. Cancel That KungFu Flick is a short story about a young girl named Christina Preciosa. Christina is the daughter of a farmer named “Fabio Jenkins”. Fabio dies and leaves the kingdom to Christina. Christina has to find a way to save the kingdom. But her arch nemesis Helen “Abuse The Loser” knows that her father has died and now Christina is weak. Helen suffers a humiliating loss, and must learn to fight Helen. Well watch the film above and enjoy. Not gonna tell yah the ending.

The staress of the Short Film………..Cancel That KungFu Flick

Christina Preciosa………..better known as Ashley Romero.

Ashley was a blast to work with. She is so brave. She completely jumped into Character as Christina and you really thought she was Christina. The fight scenes…oops, did I give it away? Well Christina thank you again for having such a positive attitude and demeanor which made filming this not only fun but memorable. Looking forward to making Part 2. Thank You again, Ashley. Here’s a link to Ashley’s profile.

The ” Bad Girl” or Villianness. Yes the one and only Lizz Adams.

Lizz was Awesome. She was a very bad bad girl. During the filming it reminded me of middle school and how some girls are just mean to other girls because they can. Well Lizz did an Awesome job of that. Lizz looks so sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled she can hang with the best of them. Lizz was very Coachable and adapted to the hectic schedule as well. Lizz Thanks again, looking forward to the sequel. Thanks again.  Here’s a link to Lizz Adams profile.

Buff-no fluff, Piankhi Iknaton, made this guy is BIG. Dee-bo aint got nothing on Him. PK was very humble, very flexible and very easy to work with. He also made us all feel safe because if anyone had any bad plans he would handle it. I have to apologize to this man as I didn’t record his complete portion of the film. Which is my fault. But you’ll see him in the Sequel. No worries. Thanks again, PK.

Last but not least the Two character Guru……..Mahesh Seneviratne…….who played Dance Prance Fitness Woo as well as Fatman Soup Fooie. Mahesh was also the fight scene cherographer as well. Mahesh is actually a multi-art trained marital artist as well. He really believes in Marital Arts as an Art Form. Mahesh was very calm under pressure as well and added his own spice to each character. Thanks again. Maheseh. Looking forward to part 2.

Thanks for reading this. Love all of you girls and guys. Thank you again for everything. We will work together again soon. Thank You.

REVIVAL – Motivational Video by Mateusz M.

Posted this video because I know sometime people can become lazy on there quest to achieve whatever it is they want. So here’s a video that’s a good one to play first thing in the morning to get you going. Enjoy. Thank You whoever made this video. Electramorhipism out.


Motivational Speaker Les Brown

Sometimes on our destination it can get scary. Things can get bumpy and seem out of place. There’s nothing like listening to motivational speakers who keep you focused on your objective. Thanks all folks. Les Brown is very inspiring and motivating speaker. Thanks for watching. Goodnight.

Moral Courage to stand up when needed.

Moral Courage. That’s a question/thought that runs through my mind from time to time. Will or do you have what it takes to say something when everyone is saying your crazy and you need to sit you ass down and shut up. Even if it falls on deaf ears. Many of us would like to think that we’re pillars of moral courage and can stand up when things get rough regarding issues. But let me just say standing up for what you believe in is brave, and standing up for yourself is even braver. I know I know, you say, but so in so stood up and look at them. But wow, I’m all over the place. Okay, so as I was saying when you stand up for yourself or what you perceive as injustice stand by. It’s not all sunny and green. People that used to talk to you wont speak. Your phone is idle. They mean well but they don’t wanna be connected to or have anything to do with someone who doesn’t go with the status quo. This is even greater in small groups. But after the dust settles and the clouds clear you’ll be a much happier person. All those pent-up emotions that you failed to express if not channeled turn into cancer or other debilitating diseases. When how you eat is tied to you standing up that’s when most people waver more, but what I’ve learned is that no matter what things always seem to work out for people who stand up. I don’t know what it is but something in the universe just works things out. So when you need to stand up for yourself go right ahead and don’t be afraid, but there is gonna be a social cost, but the cost of good health is immeasurable. Until next time, Electramorhipism out. Now the question you have to ask yourself now that you’re reading this article is will YOU have the moral courage to stand up when needed.