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Motivation Monday

So here we are you awoke today….yayaayyyyyyyy, now stop the negative thoughts if your having them, whether the weekend was good of bad, you had a family fight or not, be thankful you’ll here and alive. Then clear your mind remember the goal you had in mind and watch the video as a reminder. As Eric Thomas the motivational speaker says, “TGIM, Thank GOD It’s Monday. Enjoy. Until tomorrow. Electramorhipism out.

People Who Have Contributed to Society……

So the next person on my list of people who have contributed greatly to society is none other than Earl Nightingale. Mr Nightingale is a motivational speaker that talks about mindset, attitude, and your ability to achieve things. Mr. Nightingale was on the USS Arizona when it was attacked in Pearl Harbor. He was one of the 12 surviving marines. In regards to contributions Earl has given over 7,000 radio programs, 250 audio programs and hundreds of other television and video programs. If you listen to an Earl Nightingale tape you’ll see what I mean. He talks about self motivation to philosophy and American History to job performance and service. Earl has unknowningly contributed to society my without being here encouraging all the go getters of the world to push themselves to the level they are capable of becoming. Many organizations and sound employees have been crafted by listening to the words of Earl Nightingale. Thanks again Mr. Nightingale. Read¬† more about the history of Earl Nightingale. Click the link.