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Social Musings 101: Success and Haters

Just a reminder on your way to achieving success you will have to prune and shear your path and the people in your life on that path to achieve your dreams. Distractions will pop up from time to time but remember why you started and the goal that you set out to achieve. You can make it happen. Don’t ever forget that. Another reminder. don’t hate on another’s success. Just because you didn’t come up with the idea or don’t agree with the success of another remember that same energy that you put towards the successful person you hated on. When that hate comes back your way don’t cry or get sad or mad, know that it’s just life balancing itself.

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Christmas Eve

So yes, Hooray you made it. It’s Christmas Eve, Pretty Cool Huh. So it looks like we have a season coming up upon us. Lol. What. Well if you were a child this is the night where you get the most nervous as you look at the presents and wonder what’s inside. Some kids who were naughty wonder if Santa will come visit them. But it’s amazing he even visits the bad kids. Lol. Many people have family gatherings as well on Christmas Eve, either way try your best to stay cheerful and happy as the holidays can be tough and unforgiving on all of us. As we eat the meals or breakfasts on this Eve of Christmas just take time to thank those around you for joining in the celebration that you’re partaking in. Try to remind the big and adult kids that being able to unwrap their present or gift is right around the corner. Until the big day, Electramorhipism out.

Social Musings 101: Patience

We live in a very paced society. If we want soething we don’t have to wait we can have it now. If you want a bbq rib plate with pecan pie there’s a restaurant that will make it for you. If you want some macaroni taco salad, there’s someone or some where you can find or get access to that. So if we can have anything we want instantly then why am I talking about patience. I am talking about patience because some things take time. Take for granted the redwoods or Sequoias in Northern California. Those trees take years and years and years to rise to those heights. So while I’m not saying don’t go hard at what you do. No do that actually and more. But on some of the bigger things we want in life take your time and enjoy the process. So if you want be build a 20,000 square foot house with detailed design I’m sure this will take much longer than a copy and paste regular house. So all I’m saying is when you’re rushing something step back and ask yourself why am I rushing this, what do I fear? Let me slow down and see what happens. Enjoy your day and life. ~Electramorhipism

Social Musings 101

So, in this online posting of people who have creatively contributed to society in the art form of invention or innovation and the name that comes to mind is Jacob Schick. If you have ever had to use a dry razor on your skin you know this process can take a very long time. Mr. Schick patented the idea on the electric shaver. Not only is the electric razor more efficient, but you can save time as well using an electric shaver. For myself if I use an electric razor I can shave whatever area that needs to be shaved pretty quickly. Mr. Schick had an idea and he executed it and has made a meaningful contribution to society in the artistic realm of invention and innovation. Okay, you can read more about Mr. Schick and his invention by reading here. Click the link. The inventor of the electric shaver.

Social Musings 101

The next creative person to cover that contributed and art by means of construction or idea creation are the men and women behind the idea of the toilet. Some call it the crapper believe it or not…….and no the inventor of the toiler wasn’t Thomas Crapper. Thomas just helped make the commercialization of the product more successful. In modern times Sir John Harington is credited with the invention of the toilet or perfection of the toilet system. He made a design and had it in his house and tried to get his godmother King Elizabeth the 1st to use it but she wouldn’t because it made too much noise. The most ancient civilization with the best water sewer irrigation technology was Indus Valley Civilization. Not only were these guys creative with their ideas and design they were finishers. They started projects and finished them. Did you know that in some cultures the norm is to squat on the toilet seat to use the bathroom? Did you know

that not all households had toilets, they were only for the wealthy…the rest of the people had to use community or communal bathrooms. So thank you to Mr. Harington and those before you and after you who came with the creative ideas that you did and your social contribution to art of human excrement. Click the link to learn more about the flush toilet.

Social Musings 101

In this posting of People who have contributed to society, we talk about none other than Christopher Latham Sholes who invented the first practical typewriter and the qwerty keyboard. Can you imagine the amount of editing that people would have to use in order to create books, letters, or magazines? Wow. If everything were still hand written can you imagine the number of people who would develop Carpal tunnel injuries? So once again we take our hat off to Mr. Sholes and thank him for helping our society facilitate transferring our thoughts from mind to physical print or form. Another plus of the keyboard is it allows you to type freely and see what’s happening in the back of your mind. Happy Turkey Day to those that celebrate it and have a great day, evening, or night to all. Click the link to learn more about Christopher Latham Sholes.


**I stated that Sholes created the typewriter…he didn’t. Henry Mill invented the typewriter but Sholes made the commercially successful version of the typewriter. So thank you Mr. Mill for making an invention that Sholes and others were able to improve upon.

Social Musings 101

People Who Have Contributed to Society

So with the Happy Turkey Day just right around the corner the person or persons we take our hat off to are the people who created the chair. So according to Wikipedia the chair got its origins in Egypt. The chair wasn’t sat in and commonly available for regular people until the 16th century. The chair was a sign of royalty. Only royal people and the exclusive or rich were allowed to sit in chairs. Really? Yes. Really. So I provided a link in this article that will give you more information about the history of chairs. But when you’re stuffing your face with turkey going gobble gobble (and not from the turkey) as your bottom sits and rests….thank all the men and women before you who contributed to that comfort that you enjoy today and probably take for granted. I just got a thought that would be so hilarious if we didn’t have the idea for a chair but we all had to stand at gatherings dinners and restaurants as we ate. That would be so hilarious. Well enjoy your day night or evening once again. Click the link to read more about the people who have contributed to society by building chairs.

Social Musings 101

In today’s session of people who have contributed to society……we discuss Seneca the Younger…as early dates put him on as the person who looked thru a glass filled with water and noticed that letters no matter how small could be magnified. It’s this magnification principle that eventually led to other creators coming up with and making eyeglasses. So some of you can’t read this type without glasses or contacts. Others that have had Lasik no longer need them. Well you can think the likes of Seneca and all the others after him who added to this concept and built on it. As a result of his discovery and telling others about it many people that would have been robbed from walking in the wrong area, swindled from not being able to read contracts, didn’t have these things happen. But on a lighter more positive note the same people have been able to fully enjoy the joys of life, seeing flowers bloom, seeing the sunset, seeing beauty in all it’s grandeur and physical form…some experiences can only be fully  felt by experiencing them from all five senses. If you have ever been to a concert or a theater or really been into a movie that you like you can experience this. If  you have ever been really happy or in LOVe and had a experience with your significant  other that involves heavy breathing……LOL….you know what I’m talking about….I think it’s those memories  and experiences that make life worth living and looking forward to… for all the creators, inventors, and entrepreneurs involved in the magnification of glasses, or eye glasses, or glass ware. Thank You. Click the links  to learn more about Seneca the Younger and glasses.

People Who Have Contributed to Society……..

Included in this post of People Who Have Contributed to Society……

We discuss none other than Charles Goodyear who came out with a patent for vulcanized rubber and later built the first rubber soccer ball, as previous generations of players had to play with pig bladders and wine bottles. So by Charles introducing the rubber soccer ball to the world it made it a lot easier to play the game and wasn’t so hard on the feet. All the boys and girls and men and women of the world who go out daily to dribble and practice goals can say thank you to Mr. Charles. As by Mr. Charles making the ball out of rubber the pain of the kicking the ball all day is lesser and the ball is also lighter but sturdier. So the ball can be kicked and kicked and kicked for hours on end and used over and over again without a hiccup….and for that we take our hats off to Mr. Goodyear and his invention of the rubber soccer ball. Click the link to read more.