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Social Musings 101: Happiness

Happiness is a good thing. More happiness was more good. Or is happiness more good. Well the better is as good as happiness.

Well at the end of the day your happiness is based upon your own success and determination of what’s happiness.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

People who have contributed to society

As we approach the new years celebration we are grateful and thankful for the people that stay afterwards and clean up the dirt, condoms, beers, party poppers, candy wrappers, and all the other trash that they take away. Thank You all. I’m sure you probably don’t get told thank you enough but the work that you do matters and matters greatly. Thank You. Thank You all. Maybe as you celebrate on the eve of the new year or leading up to the new year or on the new year, maybe try and make it to that trash can. On that note have an outstanding day.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

People Who have contributed to society

The next group of people I want to take the time t be grateful is the mail carriers of  the world. The people who have rushed to get you your package so that your loved ones could live and relive the temporary joy of getting something new. Plus the weather conditions that many of the carriers have had to endure from freezing rain to snow, or hail. These people some of them risk life and limb in rural areas so that you can enjoy your gifts and packages that will sit on the counter or shelf or end up in a garage sale. but some gifts you need and will use everyday or upgrade some equipment that you already have….well on that note and early Christmas to all. Have a wonderful day.

People who have contributed to society

Today I would like to take the time to thank and be grateful for the encouraging people of the world. Friends, Family, or even strangers that make a living encouraging people who have been defeated. In life many times we over we all fall down get beat out or left behind. But those wonderful encouraging people of the world or how they help remind us who we are underneath it all. Not only myself has been assisted in trying times of life but countless others as well. Many of these people do these things for free because they just want to see people be as successful or if not more successful than they themselves are. This is a really humbling experience and a great gift given to mankind. Many people say that motivators and encouraging people of the world are pipe dream sellers…but who that built something great wasn’t called a pipe dreamer….most of this negative types have failed to achieve anything of significance in their own life…but have the time and attention to stop another from encouraging others to go after what they desire. But I guess the naysayers and negative people help keep the motivators needed since a lot of humanity has a negative mindset…but maybe that can change as more optimists become more vocal about goals and plans for the future..just saying..have a great day. Stay motivated.


P.S. I forgot to mention some notable motivators that have assisted me in life, in no particular order, E.T. the hip-hop preacher, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale, Jared Grossman, and countless others. Go check out some of their material.

~Creative Director Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Farmers

In our country these people involved in this profession are pretty much forgotten about and only looked at or spoken of when everything looks really bad or the price of some food item spikes. These people are farmers, and yes I realize that it’s not like the old days where you had a lot of hands doing a lot of work because many of the systems are automated now. But still we should give thanks to the fruits and vegetables that are at the store and the meat, chicken, and pork that is available because someone took the time to make that happen for us. Well you can read more about Farmers by clicking the link below. Have a wonderful day.

Social Musings 101: Artists

Today we take time to thank the different artists of the world who have changed the landscape of buildings, canvasses, cities, homes, and our lives. Many times the artist pulls out what others can rarely or if ever rarely pick up on. So encourage the artists in your time or that you know so that all these varied different perspectives can be shown from around the world. Good day, Good night, Good evening.


Social Musings 101: Who invented the garbage truck?

As trash continued it’s regularly scheduled program a week ago I said to myself hmmmm, now who thought of this invention. The trash man basically drives around and has to pick up trash from various locations and then takes the trash out at the main hub. But he just manually pushed levers that pull a mechanical dolly. When I was younger I remember seeing one drive and two guys on the back of the trash truck. The driver would drive and the one or two guys on the back of the truck would get off when he stopped and grabbed the trash cans and dump them into the rear of the garbage truck. Well that’s pretty much it, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Lol, Hey what happen to the story, oh yes, let me finish. So George Dempster created wheeled waste containers that allowed trash to be tipped into the garbage truck. He and others helped create a more efficient use of trash collection but for the most part trash collection has been the same since the 70’s. Well who knows maybe someone else undiscovered has a more efficient means of collecting trash. Make it a great day.

You can read more about garbage or trash trucks by clicking the link:

Social Musings 101: Paved Roads

Today we thank the ancient and present inventors of paved asphalt. When you are driving and eating ice cream or French fries while driving don’t forget that the reason that your car isn’t shaking to all hell is because many inventors decided that cars should travel on smooth roads. On those smooth roads is a substance called asphalt. So check it out. When you are you your way to go where ever you want to go this morning don’t forget to thank the asphalt engineers and technicians that make the smooth road that you traveling on possible. Other than that have a wonderful day. Please click the link to learn more about paved roads.

The history of asphalt

Social Musings 101: The Firehydrant

Today I would like to recognize George Smith for his contribution to humanity (at least in the U.S.) in regards to the fire hydrant. I also want to take the time to thank all the firefighters of the world for their contribution to a better world and putting out the fires that spark up from time to time. Apparently George Smith got the idea while being a firefighter in Manhattan and realizing that the city didn’t have enough water to fight fires and give everyone in the city water. I must take the time to acknowledge Frederick Graff Sr, as he is credited with creating the patent for a post/pillar type fire hydrant in 1801 but the patent office later burned to the ground and lost many of the patent paperwork that had been filed. Next time you drive by a fire hydrant give thanks to the people that came before us that created these ideas that allow us to feel a little more safer and secure in regards to where we live and play as adult in our society. We should also take the time to thank the countless firefighters and EMT’s who rush and rescue us when we are in trouble. This is Electramorhipism, signing out.

I almost forgot the link to read more about the invention of the fire hydrant here.

Who invented the fire hydrant?

Social Musings 101: Johan Vaaler

Today we discuss none other than Johan Vaaler. Mr. Vaaler came up with the idea for the paperclip. Well, (according to Wikipedia) another form of paperclip existed before his paperclip did but he  didn’t know it at the time and patented his paper clip idea. Either way at the time of occupation by Germany the Norweigan people wore paperclips in solidarity. So maybe he created the paperclip so that unknowningly the people of Norway could have a symbol of unity. Maybe this was the real reason for the invention instead of just the paperclip. I guess one will never know because we can’t ask the inventor. But next time you have that bundle of papers crammed together give a quick thanks to Mr. Vaaler and other who kept playing around with small shiny thin pieces of metal until they turned into usable paper storage clips. Until next time folks have a wonderful day, night, or evening as you read this. JJ.