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People Who Have Contributed to Society……..

So in this issue we discuss the one and only none other than the Reverend Edgar J. Helms, who made it a mission of his ministry……to take clothes and items from the wealthy who didn’t need or want them anymore and give them to the less fortunate…..this one was a pretty cool concept….Mr. Helms not only…came up with the concept his talk…….matched his walk…..his idea has given hope, renewed self confidence, and renewed self-esteem, and self worth to the 100’s and 1,000’s of people who have worked or are working at this organization. This concept that he came up with has also been beneficial to families who needed the clothing items, baby strollers, shoes, cars, and furniture. Now I’m sure there are other men and woman in this country who do the same thing everyday in regards to assisting the less fortunate. I take my hat off to you as well. I think some involved in the ministry today should take notes from Mr. Helms…… many reverends today talk about driving Bentleys, and eating steak and lobster dinners…….there’s nothing wrong with enjoying life…..but come on now…….Thanks again Mr. Helms for your contribution to society…….here’s a funny little reminder….to the non-Helms of the world. Lol. Click the link to read more about The contribution of Mr. Helms and his organization.