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People Who Have Contributed to Society……..

Included in this post of People Who Have Contributed to Society……

We discuss none other than Charles Goodyear who came out with a patent for vulcanized rubber and later built the first rubber soccer ball, as previous generations of players had to play with pig bladders and wine bottles. So by Charles introducing the rubber soccer ball to the world it made it a lot easier to play the game and wasn’t so hard on the feet. All the boys and girls and men and women of the world who go out daily to dribble and practice goals can say thank you to Mr. Charles. As by Mr. Charles making the ball out of rubber the pain of the kicking the ball all day is lesser and the ball is also lighter but sturdier. So the ball can be kicked and kicked and kicked for hours on end and used over and over again without a hiccup….and for that we take our hats off to Mr. Goodyear and his invention of the rubber soccer ball. Click the link to read more.