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Social Musings 101: Reflection

So as the year comes nearer and nearer to an end…thank about the year…go over your successes and failures…then ask yourself what goals have you not achieved that if you don’t do them next year you’ll be mad that you didn’t try to accomplish them…..that’s it…make it a great day and rest of the year, and life….

~Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: Delightfulness

When you arrive at your destination today no matter what happened on the way there or how you feel try to be delightful. Others will be grateful for this even if they don’t show it. You will be as well. Thank You.

Social Musings 101: Cellphone Glass Fixers

Today we take the time to be grateful for the people that have learned how to repair the glass on your cellphone. This is a skill that takes time and energy to learn but provides an invaluable service to others. Without this service many of us would have to pay money for a brand new phone although the only thing we needed was a clean glass screen. That’s it so next time you see a glass cellphone repair shop tell them thank you. And on a final note….Do what you can with what you have. ~Les Brown

~ Jamaal R. James

Social Musings 101: The invention of the pencil

So today we stumble upon another none known but known group of inventors who gave us the pencil. Yes, the pencil. Many pain staking hours where spent on development and process and production so that all of us could enjoy the use of a very simple writing utensil. As a result of all the different inventors who have contributed to pencils we are now blessed with a fine precision instrument that allows many of our thoughts and words to be placed on paper for others to understand. the pencil has allowed artists as well to convey new ideas and painting that previously were never seen nor heard before. Well thats’ all for today you can click the link below to learn more about the history of the pencil. Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Social Musings 101: The Power of Play

Sometimes on our different and varied journeys to success we forget to stop and play. Many time we get achieve and do do do. But never take the time to stop and play. So while crossing tings off of your to do list this season, don’t forget to play. You say well how do I play as a ground man or woman. Easy you do something that you like to do just because you like to do it. So if you like painting then go paint. If you like photography, go take photos, if you like running go run. If you like people watching go people watching. There are so many myriads of things that people can do that they regard as play. So if your working on that novel that isn’t due till spring of 2015. But the computer or notepad down and go for a walk. Do something new, and then come back to your task. See the renewed focus and mindset that comes with playing for a while. On that note have a wonderful day, night, evening, or year wherever you are.

Jamaal R. James, out.

Social Musings 101: Christmas Trees

So in this posting of People who have contributed to society, I want to focus on, the Christmas Tree. So according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Hebrews used the Christmas tree to remind themselves of the importance of eternal life. The Christmas tree tradition as we currently know it came from Germany during their renaissance period. But early versions of the Christmas tree were decorated with fruit such as apples and oranges. The adding of lights to the Christmas Tree only came about after the advent of electricity. It is also believed that the garland and pine trees ward off evil spirits, so the tree is a good one to have in/around the house. So thanks to all the people involved in the tree profession that started this Christmas tree tradition. As many families have shareable memories after having gone as a family together to get trees. Many people are gainfully employed as tree picker uppers, and train and truck drivers are employed in the pickup, delivery, and processing of the trees from their original destinations. Well Happy Early Merry Holidays. You can read more about the history of Christmas Tree by clicking here. Christmas Trees. Lol