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Social Musings 101: Window blinds

Today we take our hats off to thank all the inventors and producers involved in the process of making window blinds. In this house on top of house and neighbor on top of neighbor house or apartment building its nice to have somewhat of a semblance of privacy. So you can thank the blind makers of the world for giving one another some sort of privacy. So enjoy and click the link below to read more about window blinds. Enjoy.

Window Blinds

Social Musings 101: The Power of Play

Sometimes on our different and varied journeys to success we forget to stop and play. Many time we get achieve and do do do. But never take the time to stop and play. So while crossing tings off of your to do list this season, don’t forget to play. You say well how do I play as a ground man or woman. Easy you do something that you like to do just because you like to do it. So if you like painting then go paint. If you like photography, go take photos, if you like running go run. If you like people watching go people watching. There are so many myriads of things that people can do that they regard as play. So if your working on that novel that isn’t due till spring of 2015. But the computer or notepad down and go for a walk. Do something new, and then come back to your task. See the renewed focus and mindset that comes with playing for a while. On that note have a wonderful day, night, evening, or year wherever you are.

Jamaal R. James, out.

Social Musings 101: The Dopplar Radar

In this online posting of people who have contributed to society, I discuss none other than, Christian Doppler. So what Mr. Doppler contributed to society is the principle of the doppler radar effect. The principle basically says that a waves movement and  is based on where your at where your observing the object. But what did this principle give birth to? Well for one this weather radar that showed all these metorlogists that these clouds coming were packing alot of rain. Can you imagine a world or society and not knowing when rain or thunderstorms were coming. Wow. We would really be in trouble. Plus if you have ever worked in the military or flown jets you are thankful for this principle of doppler radar. As a result less people died or were blown away from being warned about an advanced attack for it happened. The doppler radar has given birth to the medical sciences using the effect to detect sickness in the body as well. The police use the doppler radar effect to detect how fast we’re going and to issue citations if need be. So thanks to Mr. Doppler, countless spin offs of his priniciple have been built and put into use. Doppler’s idea has created hundreds of jobs from the installers and repairers of radar to the techs that monitor and scale the equipment to use and I almost forgot the manufacturers of the equipment, plus the drivers, and trains, airplanes, that move the equipment as well. You can read more about Christian Doppler by clicking the link.

Christian Doppler Effect

Social Musings 101

In this posting of People who have contributed to society, we talk about none other than Christopher Latham Sholes who invented the first practical typewriter and the qwerty keyboard. Can you imagine the amount of editing that people would have to use in order to create books, letters, or magazines? Wow. If everything were still hand written can you imagine the number of people who would develop Carpal tunnel injuries? So once again we take our hat off to Mr. Sholes and thank him for helping our society facilitate transferring our thoughts from mind to physical print or form. Another plus of the keyboard is it allows you to type freely and see what’s happening in the back of your mind. Happy Turkey Day to those that celebrate it and have a great day, evening, or night to all. Click the link to learn more about Christopher Latham Sholes.


**I stated that Sholes created the typewriter…he didn’t. Henry Mill invented the typewriter but Sholes made the commercially successful version of the typewriter. So thank you Mr. Mill for making an invention that Sholes and others were able to improve upon.

People Who Have Contributed to Society……..

So the next person on the list of people who have contributed to society is…….Friedrich William Gustav Bruhn………Mr. Bruhn invented the modern taximeter…….By inventing the taximeter…Mr. Bruhn gave way and paved a way for many immigrants to make a living to feed their families and contribute to the societies in which they lived. Mr. Bruhn’s idea also was the leader of ideas that gave rise to services like Uber……..and other ride services…….how many times have you been out late and couldn’t see straight and took a taxi and arrived home safely…..or how many time s have you been stranded or needed to get to that important meeting after getting off the plane  and the taxi driver took you right to your destination…no questions asked…..A lot….so think you Mr. Bruhn for your invention and all the millions of people worldwide that were gainfully employed and developed a sense of pride my being able to take care of their families. Read more about Mr. Bruhn by clicking the link.

People Who Have Contributed to Society……

So the next person on my list of people who have contributed greatly to society is none other than Earl Nightingale. Mr Nightingale is a motivational speaker that talks about mindset, attitude, and your ability to achieve things. Mr. Nightingale was on the USS Arizona when it was attacked in Pearl Harbor. He was one of the 12 surviving marines. In regards to contributions Earl has given over 7,000 radio programs, 250 audio programs and hundreds of other television and video programs. If you listen to an Earl Nightingale tape you’ll see what I mean. He talks about self motivation to philosophy and American History to job performance and service. Earl has unknowningly contributed to society my without being here encouraging all the go getters of the world to push themselves to the level they are capable of becoming. Many organizations and sound employees have been crafted by listening to the words of Earl Nightingale. Thanks again Mr. Nightingale. Read  more about the history of Earl Nightingale. Click the link.