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Social Musings 101: The Bikini

So although its the middle or beginning of winter right now the perfect subject to cover is the bikini. Some people when they think of the bikini get sad because of their self image about their body well others get excited for the chance to show off what assets they have been given. So today we thank Louis Reard and Jacques Heim, both French. The first being a engineer and the second being a fashion designer. We say thank you to them both as they helped many realize their beauty and not be afraid to show case this beauty. The design of bikini’s has given many writers and social commentators plenty of fuel to talk about religion, morals and ethics and those consequences involved with the bikini. The bikini has also given rise to many jobs to designers and manufactures as they came up with new designs and colors to attract the women who choose to wear these items. Many children owe their lives to¬† the bikini as the parents were attracted to one another after one saw the other in a bikini. So thank you Mr. Reard and Heim. You can read more about the history of the bikini by clicking the link.

The bikini.