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People who have contributed to society………

Patek Philippe was inventor or credited inventor who developed the wrist watch…..he made the watch for ¬†Countess Koscowicz of Hungary. I say that is contribution was great to society in that he helped spread the use of time…and made it easier for people to know what time it was…….during this time period men were scared to where a wristwatch as mostly women were wristwatches and men used hand clocks or clocks that required two hands. As a result of making the watches for royalty other people wanted to wear these wristwatches as well…..and helped spur a new wristwatch movement as others competed with him in regards to wristwatch making he also raised the standard really high for watches…which caused people to have a higher standard in regards to what is and isn’t acceptable in regards to a functioning wrist watch……so thank you Mr. Philippe. Click the link and read more about Patek Philippe and the invention of the first wristwatch.

The History of Rolex

Hans Wilsdorf and his brother in law Alfred Davis started what would later be turned into Rolex as Wilsdorf and Davis. The company started off as an importer of Swiss watches. There are different rumors regarding where the name Rolex came from but the original owners of Rolex wanted the name short so that it could be said in any name and that people would remember. Read about the history of Rolex. Click the link.