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Social Musings 101: The Firehydrant

Today I would like to recognize George Smith for his contribution to humanity (at least in the U.S.) in regards to the fire hydrant. I also want to take the time to thank all the firefighters of the world for their contribution to a better world and putting out the fires that spark up from time to time. Apparently George Smith got the idea while being a firefighter in Manhattan and realizing that the city didn’t have enough water to fight fires and give everyone in the city water. I must take the time to acknowledge Frederick Graff Sr, as he is credited with creating the patent for a post/pillar type fire hydrant in 1801 but the patent office later burned to the ground and lost many of the patent paperwork that had been filed. Next time you drive by a fire hydrant give thanks to the people that came before us that created these ideas that allow us to feel a little more safer and secure in regards to where we live and play as adult in our society. We should also take the time to thank the countless firefighters and EMT’s who rush and rescue us when we are in trouble. This is Electramorhipism, signing out.

I almost forgot the link to read more about the invention of the fire hydrant here.

Who invented the fire hydrant?