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Social Musings 101: The Dopplar Radar

In this online posting of people who have contributed to society, I discuss none other than, Christian Doppler. So what Mr. Doppler contributed to society is the principle of the doppler radar effect. The principle basically says that a waves movement and ┬áis based on where your at where your observing the object. But what did this principle give birth to? Well for one this weather radar that showed all these metorlogists that these clouds coming were packing alot of rain. Can you imagine a world or society and not knowing when rain or thunderstorms were coming. Wow. We would really be in trouble. Plus if you have ever worked in the military or flown jets you are thankful for this principle of doppler radar. As a result less people died or were blown away from being warned about an advanced attack for it happened. The doppler radar has given birth to the medical sciences using the effect to detect sickness in the body as well. The police use the doppler radar effect to detect how fast we’re going and to issue citations if need be. So thanks to Mr. Doppler, countless spin offs of his priniciple have been built and put into use. Doppler’s idea has created hundreds of jobs from the installers and repairers of radar to the techs that monitor and scale the equipment to use and I almost forgot the manufacturers of the equipment, plus the drivers, and trains, airplanes, that move the equipment as well. You can read more about Christian Doppler by clicking the link.

Christian Doppler Effect