Music (Original)

Just a song that I thought up.


Song made while thinking of a certain act taking place. Hello? Could be a theme song to a future short, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Another song that I thought up.


Another track that I completed.


A song where I sing LALA the whole time, I cant sing nor do I claim to be a singer, but my muse told me to do it so I did.


Came up with an animated series and thought of a soundtrack to go with the animation.


This was the concept for Gyeah Burgers before I took some classes on animation and brought Flash.


I made this song because I like to read about different things and in the future more feminine energy is gonna be released into the earth causing less wars and more harmony and peace. I made this song to further that energy if possible and may it manifest in your life as you read this(if you accept).


This track was made while writing a short film that should be finished in July, then ready for viewing in August or September. The music is open to interpretation, some hear one thing others hear another.

A song made while playing around with sounds.


Playing around with the synth and came up with this.


Playing around with sounds and came up with this mix.


A song made where I slowed things down a little alot.


Another track created where I played around with sounds and waves and got lost in the music.


A track made while thinking of past relationships and the stupidity of things that can will and do happen.


Song that came to me while playing with music, gettings things off my chest.


Another mixed track.


Playing around with the synth came up with this.



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