Music remixed/mashed

This page includes all the songs that I have remixed.  Some of you will some of you wont. I’m just glad to be able to create and keep creating.

Remixed Depeche Mode and Eddie Murphy, ha, put this here because of a dj that hates this song and says this song is the worst song he ever heard in his life and its so whack of a song, and if a remix could be remixed this was the worst chose of remixes, and what am I listening to because only a silly dumb and non musical person would make a mix like this and put their name on it. Well a guess that’s me super star dj. Enjoy your day. I LOVE this mix. I posted this song for all the people who have been told how to think, dress, talk, act, and be, and the people who think it’s there rightful place in the world to tell another human being what is good music or bad music and what is and isn’t important. I make this mix in the face of those that say who matters most and what matters most. I make this music to express the individual freedom and right that all humans possess and I’m using it.

Song used to seem like an anthem, so went back and remixed it how I liked, some will, some wont, Late.

Remixed Death Of Cornelius by Bloody Beetroots.

Remixed Cake Going the distance and Cake Comfort Eagle.

Remixed this song, as it helped me thru some very difficult times and he was able to put into words what emotions I felt at the time, now going back and remixing the song to laugh at the situation, Ha. Hope it helps someone.

Remixed Little B’s Rich ho.

Remixed a song by Paul Wall and Slim Thug Ballin.

Reremixed Iron Toyz Tricky Tricky.

Remixed Rebirth of Slick by DJ Electramorhipism

Remixed Cornelius

Remixed Blue Monday

Mashup version of D.I.M. feat Tai vs Vanity 6.

Remixed Kali hustle’s song.

Remixed Zion I’s dont lose your head.

Many dj’s hate what I did to this song, toooo baddd, I like it. Some will, some wont.

Remixed Romans Revenge.

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