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People Who have Contributed to Society………

So I have decided to cover small to big and big to small, people who have contributed to the world in ways big or small…..so this list could go on forever and ever and ever….Lol…Oh well I promise not to bore you and make it simple and to the point….Thank you.

So the first person I would like to talk about is none other than Abraham Lincoln…to me he is an icon because of the strength of character that he must of possessed to make some of the difficult and taxing decisions that he had to make. Yes, some people still hate this man to this day….and the penny controversy exists……but I’ve seen with my own eyes men who were staunch in their beliefs of right and wrong…..get funny..and act funny…if their decision doesn’t match popular opinion…..not only did he keep the union together he freed the slaves and increased commerce via railroads, canals, and more efficient banking systems…..then after the civil war and the Union won…many people wanted to make the south pay for the damage done to the economy and Lincoln held his own and said…. no, this is the way things are going to be done. So when it comes to having to make difficult decisions I say to myself what would this man have done facing these similar circumstances or situations…..Well that’s my blurb now go check out in further detail the history of Abraham Lincoln here……..Click the link….Winjoy..and remember peace, Love and Happiness.