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Social Musings 101: Airline Stewardess

Another unsung hero that those of us who travel should be grateful for is the airline stewardess. As she and at times he takes care of you to make sure that your stay aboard an airline is Awesome. Now different airlines have different policies but overall the stewardess is there to make your stay on the craft as pleasant as possible. But many of us take them for granted and act as if its their job there supposed to do it. But they could just do the minimum job required and then you wouldn’t enjoy the trip as much as the ones who give. Well enjoy your day and continue to be grateful for all that’s around you. Have a wonderful day.

The History of Boeing

Boeing was started by William E. Boeing in July of 1916.  William initially started off working in the timber industry and became wealthy. He later got into planes and built wooden airplanes. William test flew a Glenn Martin Flying Birdcage (with the inventor of the that plane “Gleen Martin”). William crashed the plane and Glenn told William it will take a long time to re-build. William knew he could rebuild the plane faster and did……Two key details that helped Boeing break away from the pack was he sent two planes to a Navy testing center to have them use his planes. They liked his planes so much they ordered more……This was at the start of World War I……..Then at the end of World War I…planes were cheap because of the military surplus of them……but William ventured into furniture making during these time while most other plane companies just quit……Thanks William for not giving up. Click the link. The History of Boeing.