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Social Musings 101: Gratefulness and Thankfulness

Today, before you jump out of bed to fly down the street to this destination or that. Be thankful that you have eyes to see, ears to hear, a mouth too communicate, and a hear that beats. If you have transportation then be thankful for the people that people your vehicle together so that it can run. If you ride public transportation then be thankful for the people that daily maintain the bus to assure that all of it’s passengers arrive at their destination safely….on that note..live your life and be thankful.


Social Musings 101: Be grateful and Thankful

In life we all have options in dealing with situations. But all of lives experiences have been sent to us to help us grow and mature. In life we will continue to grow and grow and grow. But sometimes we should take a break and sitdown and be grateful and thankful for the person we’ve been able to become. Have a great and thankful day. Talk to you soon. JJ.

Social Musings 101: Give Thanks!

So as I have traveled on this journey I wanted to give credit where credit is due for the people who have supported me in my success and the motivational speakers that I have listened to on a daily basis who have helped me when I couldn’t see the light. Individual thanks coming soon. But thanks to

Ashi Akira for consistently supporting me and providing great poems and haikus.


Thanks,  J. Paetsch or LMG, Little Monster Girl Comic for your continued support and funny comic strips.