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Pre Performance Art Show mixes and Toons

Getting Ready for an Performance Art Show on Saturday the 16th of 2013….Should be cool..1st time doing a performance Art Show well see how it goes….That’s about all I have to say for now..Enjoy some bootlegs and more toons coming soon.

High Energy Remixes by DJ Electramorhipism

Made a Remix to E40’s Tell Me When To Go and Him and Keak Da Sneak Muscle Cars. Then heard Juvenile’s Picture Perfect..remixed..it…with Big Tymers Big Ballin..AWEEEEEEe..memories…..Then a New Hot Artist C alled Natomas Slimm She Getting It..in my mind there was a rock guitar instrumental that went with the track but couldn’t find it in the lab…Gyeah Cabs is on its way..Well Winjoy! Heard the Will.iam. and Brittany Remix and asked DJ Chuckie when the Remix was coming..No response so far…but I know he’s working on it.