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The History of Disney Corporation

So reading about the Disney corporation and when he first started out the distribution company that he used to distribute his first film not only made all the money off his first film, they also took 4 of his top animators and started their own new company, and took the rights to one of his main characters. Wow. Most would have quite here. But not Walt. He continued on and turned his idea into what his organization is now. Enjoy. The History of Disney. Click the link.

The History of At&T

AT&T Logo
AT&T Logo

So AT&T was started by the person who actually invented the Telephone. Alexander Graham Bell. At one point AT&T offered Western Union the whole company and all the rights to it for a 100 grand at the time(2-3 Million todays dollars). Sometimes people don’t know or cant see things when there right in front of their face. Either way as with any successful enterprise as the company grew many anti-trust lawsuits popped up which the company had to deal with. So don’t take my word for it, go on and read about the company……History of AT&T