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The History of Hyundai

Chung-Ju-Yung started Hyundai engineering and construction company in 1947. 20 years later he started Hyundai Motor Company. The first car Hyundai produced was called the Cortina. It was released in conjunction with the Ford Motor Company. After making their first car with Ford Hyundai wanted to build their own car….so Hyundai hired designers and engineers to build them a car and used parts from Japanese companies to build a new car called the “Pony.” This car was very successful in regards to sales, Hyundai then feeling itself looked into building its own cars and own engines. The company has gone from the bottom in consumer taste and value to higher up. The success of the company can be linked to design, aggressive marketing and higher quality production. During the Asian-Financial crisis of the 90’s Hyundai swallowed up Kia. There’s a lot more to the Hyundai Motor┬áCompany don’t take my word for it. Click the link.