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Social Musings 101: Kiddie Ride Inventor

Today we stop the brakes on the success train to take the time to give credit where credit is due. We give credit to James Otto Hahs of Sikeston, Missouri who invented the Kiddie Ride for his kids and then later realized a lot of people wanted and could use these kiddie rides to bring joy and happiness to all the kids and children of the world. Here’s a link to read more about this awesome industry that one man help get started.


Social Musings 101: Teachers

The one group that I haven’t touched on that contributes a great deal as well in all society is teachers. Teachers (the good ones) selflessly give of themselves to children. They give of their time and supplies and resources to reach as many of their children in the classroom that they can. Teachers do their best to keep the unruly kids under control while delivering new information to the children in class that actually want to learn new material. Although the effectiveness of teachers depends on many different varying variables they still don’t get as many kudos as they should. The pay is sub par as compared to other professions, but in spite of this they press on training the next generation of leaders. So if you have children or are in a meeting or conference and meet a teacher then tell him or her Thank You. That’s all for today everyone. Have a wonderful day.

The History of Pampers

So a researcher from Proctor & Gamble was tired of changing the cloth to his babies diaper and decided there had to be a simpler way to dispose of baby waste. He had some researchers at P&G do some research and Bammmmm. Pampers. Lol.

Enjoy reading the history of Pampers. Click the link.

Mother’s Day not too soon, not to late.

So Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and is right around the corner. Yes it is here. I thought about it. Why not this year instead of spending globs of cash. Why not do something special. Create a unique gift. Do something you would do if you were a kid and had nno money but wanted to show appreciation. You’d be surprised how much further that gift goes. Until next time, Electramorhipism.