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The History of Hewlett-Packard

Wow, didn’t know this. So Hewlett-Packard got started in a garage in the (what is now Silicon Valley) Great Depression………..the two founders Hewlett and Packard flipped a coin over what the company name was going to be called…..Packard-Hewlett or Hewlett-Packard……well enjoy. History of Hewlett-Packard

The History of SAP SE Corporation

So according to Wikipedia SAP was completing a contact for a specific area of software design for IBM, when they were told that they were no longer needed. Instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for themselves, a few software engineers got together and started a whole new company entirely. Pretty Awesome if you ask me. Read more Here. History of SAP

The History of Cisco Systems

The history of Cisco Systems…so according to Wikipedia the founders of Cisco just happen to use the exact same technology that was used at Stanford University in the computers where they happened to work. Just a little interesting face. For some reason Stanford never sued or pressed criminal charges. Enjoy. Click the link. History of Cisco Systems